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Hello readers! I'm back here with part two of the "So you want to run a tournament?" guide. If you haven't read it already, I suggest you check out part one here before starting this article.

If you've already read part one, then just go right on ahead. This time around we're going to be talking about obtaining your equipment. I originally thought I'd be able to put a lot more things into one update, but actually getting your equipment takes up a surprising amount of text and suggestions, and it's rather important that you understand the many different options that you have when it comes to that. I'm also going to go over something people don't realize is very important... taxes. And it's important to cover it now, because you need to understand that part of the money you make has to find its way back to Uncle Sam if you ever want your event to be really big. And you're going to have to understand some basics if that's the case. ...

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Hello, Option-Select readers! I'm Andres, but you may already know me online as nothingxs (or simply as 'cakes' if you're in the know). I maintain a personal blog at nothingxs.net. After talking to Ryan Hunter, I've decided that it'd make more sense for the community to bring my Street Fighter related articles over here for you to read.

That said, I've been teasing my (few, but apparently dedicated) nothingxs.net readers for a while with an article about running tournaments. It's been almost a month, and after a few false starts (and some lost data), I've finished part one of a three part article which follows here after the break:

So you want to run a tournament?

Back in late 2007, I ran a small but successful Street Fighter tournament at FIU entitled Training Grounds. It was a fairly casual event, and it was fairly well organized despite being my first attempt. We ran a little bit behind but a few emergency volunteers (such as Biggzy who helped run CvS2 brackets and Ruuku running the hell out of SSBM) helped to make the brackets run a hell of a lot smoother. We made a bunch of money at the door for the university's game room (which was the goal) and helped popularize its reopening. Since then, I've volunteered at a number of different tournaments throughout the years, from the Yasumicon convention game rooms in Florida, to the Evolution tournament series from 2008 through 2010. That and some experience that I've gained in the general management of events and resources adds up to a bit of experience to draw from. ...

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