Balrog is a powerhouse character. He is strong in every aspect of the game that matters, and can function in almost any position. Truly, one of most well rounded and complete characters in the entire game, it is no wonder his ranking is so high on tier lists.

Balrog's foundation is a complete set of great pokes. Standing and Crouching Roundhouse are the mainstays here, both being quick and having great range and hitboxes. However, every button is a great poke in its own right, with more specific uses. Standing Fierce is a great long range poke, though a little slower then Roundhouse. Low fierce is a perfect anti-air, backed up by Standing Strong which has a slightly different hitbox. Low Strong and Standing Forward serve for his close to mid-range quick pokes, where Low Forward is a good quick low that can be linked to Low Strong in close range, for good damage.

Then of course, there are his Jabs. Balrog's Low Jab is the best in the game. Three frame startup, with great priority and range (for a Jab), and only five frames of recovery. Being plus four frames on block allows for great frame traps, and forms the basis of his extremely effective Jab/Grab mixups, and on hit, leads to a combo.

Beyond his pokes, Balrog's rush punches provide him with something else to do at mid range. They can be used for punishes, poking, or to close distance, and are effective in all three aspects.

Balrog's Ultra 1 is also an extremely versatile tool. One of the faster Ultras in the game, it also travels relatively quickly, which allows it to be used to punish whiffs or focuses on reaction. When comboed into, it is common for the damage to scale very low, but even then, it is extremely useful, as it will always leave the opponent cornered after the juggle, which is an extremely powerful position for Balrog.

Perhaps his only area of weakness is in reversals. Headbutt is a terrible reversal. Ranging from eight to twelve frames of startup, it is effortless to time a safe meaty against. Furthermore, only the EX version has invincibility until the hitting frame, meaning they can simply be stuffed before the move even hits.

His better option for reversals are his EX rush punches, all of which have one hit of armor. Though they are all still slow and vulnerable to throws, absorbing a meaty attack with the armor usually means a successful hit (though not always), and even if blocked, Straight is almost completely safe due to the pushback.


  • Great pokes
  • High potential for punishing mistakes
  • Very effective throw game


  • Lacks mixup beyond throws
  • Weak reversal options
  • Slightly low overall damage


Being that Balrog is one of the most complete characters in the game he has very few match ups that aren't in his favor. His goal in most of the match ups is to minimize the amount of offense being done by the opponent in order to do so Balrog has to control the opponent at the mid range game.

Characters with strong mid range game(such as Chun, Zangief, Akuma) make it hard for balrog to position himself where he is most efficient. In doing so Balrog has to depend on his offense which isn't too strong or you have to fight for positioning which isn't in your favor.

Blanka is one of the exceptions to this rule. Blanka loses this match because of the inability to do any real damage because Balrog can punish Horizontal Blanka Ball on hit and block with various things. Mix that with Balrogs good amount of stamina and reliable anti airs Blanka has an extremely tough time taking a lead so he may sit on it.

Matchup Chart

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Ab Ad Ak Ba Bl C. Ca Ch Co Da De Dh Du E. El Fe Ge Go Gu Gu Ha Ib Ju Ke M. Ma Ro Ru Ry Sa Sa Se T. Ve Za Tot
5.5 6 5 X 6 6 6 3.5 6 7 4 5 6 5 6 6 6 5.5 3 6 6 6 6 5 5 6 5.5 5 5 4 6 6 6 6 4 185


We're sorry, but there are currently no tutorials for this character. Please check back for updates.

Frame Data and Move List

Frame data has been taken down as we transition to SSF4:AE. Check back soon for progress, which will posted on the front page.
Posted by Oneyz on Saturday, May 15th, 2010 (07:28 PM)
Please, do some Balrog´s tutorial. Would be AWESOME!!
Posted by tipduncan on Monday, December 20th, 2010 (04:16 PM)
checking out combos
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